1. Employee Self-Services
    A group of online self services tailored to enhance employees' life inside an organization by providing personalized tools that leverage the HR function with accurate data provided by employees themselves. Using SELFY people services portal, the employees' life inside an organization becomes a unique experience
  2. Manager Self-Services
    Every line Manager is an extension of the HR department. SELFY people services portal allows managers to view and manage employees' requests, run interviews, appraise teams and individuals, analyze employees' attendance, view employee's files and apply the organization's policies and procedures
  3. Online Inquiries
    SELFY helps employees to inquire about their salary slips, vacations balances, financial transactions and see their job descriptions, C.V.'s, documents and employment information.
  4. Online Transactions
    Each employee is an internal customer for every organization. SELFY people services portal allows employees to change employee's information, request their vacations, leaves, training, loans, overtime, and may miscellaneous requests online easily
  5. Workflows
    SELFY helps organizations promote paperless environments by activating dynamic workflows that allows employees and managers to collaborate in a healthy manner. Dynamic workflows save time and energy and helps complete internal processes seamlessly
  6. Company's Policies
    Internal policies and procedures, employment handbook, letters and documents center, online surveys, online announcmenets and many others can be published for employees and managers using SELFY people services portal