TAMPO is a specialized time and attendance management system that helps to automate company employee time management and time tracking related processes including logging employee hours worked and exporting data into the payroll system. It helps organizations eliminate paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance. It can be integrated with any type of time clock terminals. TAMPO defines one or more shift types determined either by time, type of work or employee, and includes start and end times, time offs, breaks and week-ends.  Processing of leaves and overtime and calculation of exact number of hours worked is central to the shift management. TAMPO provides a link to the payroll system so all transactions can be imported either manually or automatically.
TAMPO provides a list of reports such as the Daily Transactions report, Late Employees report, Daily clock in and Exit report…etc.
TAMPO provides wide range of benefits that facilities HR load like spending less time on payroll, prevent buddy punching and other time theft, prevent human errors in bookkeeping, keeps employees and managers informed, spend less time and resources on paperwork, stay on the right side of the law by linking it with specialized disciplinary actions module.